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“Thanks for the prompt service on this request. Please extend our gratitude to all those on your testing team who got the work done for us. We really needed this information today, and we are deeply indebted to LTI for making it happen.”

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VP-Chief Technical Officer


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Dimensional Calibration

Masters, Tool and Gage Calibration

Micrometer calibrationThe calibration lab at Laboratory Testing Inc., known as LTI Metrology, has been serving varied industries with dimensional calibration services and certified reporting for years. LTI Metrology is a leading, full-service calibration lab with the credentials and services to assure your measuring hand tools and instruments operate precisely and efficiently.

Calibration from LTI is A2LA accredited and NIST traceable.Our dimensional calibration services include:

  • Tool calibration for a variety of measuring hand tools from calipers, stop watches and micrometer calibration to angle plates and irons
  • Gage calibration
  • Calibration of masters and standards

LTI calibrates threaded ring gages and has an inventory of over 750 master set plugs. If you do not have the one needed for your ring gage calibration and we don’t have it in inventory, we can help you purchase the proper set plug through our relationship with manufacturers. Review our inventory of Calibration Set Plugs.

The array of items that we calibrate dimensionally and mechanically includes:

Masters & Standards

  • Gage Blocks to 20 inches
  • Length Standards/Micrometer Standards to 120 inches
  • Pitch Micrometer Standards
  • Profilometer Standards
  • Surveillance Masters
  • Thread Set Plugs
  • Thread WiresDimensional calibration of gage blocks

Tool Calibration

  • Amplifier
  • Angle Plate/Angle Iron
  • Balls
  • Calipers (Dial, Digital, Vernier)
  • Footage Counters
  • Gauss Meter/Magnetometer
  • Indicators (Dial, Digital, Dial Test, Coaxial, Mikrokators)
  • Levels (Mechanics, Machinists, Precision, Tilting)
  • Micrometers
    • Bench, Bore, Depth, Groove, Head
    • Inside, Outside/Pipe/Uni/Point
    • Thread Pitch, Vee
    • Supermicrometers
  • Microscope
  • Optical Flats, Overlay, Parallel
  • Parallels
  • Penetrameters (Radiographic)
  • Profilometer
  • Protractors
  • Rules
  • Sieve
  • Sine Bar, Plate, Vise
  • Squares (Combination, Cylindrical Square/Tapered, Machinist Steel)
  • Stop Watch
  • Straight Edge
  • Tape Measure

Gage Calibration (Gauge Calibration)

  • Bore Gages
  • Center Gages
  • Chamfer/Countersink Gages (Dial, Micrometer-type)
  • Density Meter Calibration
  • Depth Gages (Dial, Digital)
  • Durometer Calibration
  • Durometer Test Standard
  • Feeler Gages
  • Height Gages (Dial, Digital, Vernier)
  • Pin Gages
  • Planeness Gage Set
  • Plug Gages (English, Metric)
    • Pipe Thread (1-step, 3-step)
    • Plain Cylindrical (Classes Y,Z,X,XX)
    • Plain Reversible Cylindrical
    • Thread/NPSM (Setting, Standard, Working)
  • Radius Gages
  • Ring Gages – Set Plug Inventory
    • Adjustable Thread
    • Pipe Thread
    • Plain Cylindrical, Plain Taper
    • Thread Setting
  • Screw Pitch Gages
  • Snap Gages (Go/No-Go, Indicating/Snap)
  • Telescoping Gages
  • Thickness Gages (Dial/Pocket/Paper, Coating Thickness, Ultrasonic, Wet Film)

The Dimensional Calibration Process

Dimensional calibration is performed by comparing the performance output of a hand tool, gage or another measuring instrument with a measurement standard to confirm that the item produces results which meet or exceed that standard’s criteria. The details of these results are clearly reported on your Calibration Certificate, along with as found” and “as left” conditions, our NIST-traceable standards, A2LA accreditation and any adjustments or repairs made during tool or gage calibration.

Find Out More

The dimensional calibration technicians at LTI Metrology work with state-of-the-art equipment to provide accurate, timely and affordable tool calibration, gage calibration and calibration of masters. We are a full-service laboratory, offering repairs, replacement parts, new instruments and a complete menu of calibration services with Calibration Certificates. LTI Metrology is located in the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania (USA) and provides pick up and delivery of orders within 60 miles of our facility at no additional charge. Calibration and repair of many instruments can also be performed by our field technicians onsite at your company to minimize downtime. For a detailed list of our full-service calibration capabilities, see our Instrument Calibration and On-site Calibration pages.