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“I would like to thank all the LTI people who have consistently come through for me with prompt and dependable results when I send samples for chemistry checks.”

Pete Smith
Coordinator – Chemistry Lab


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Temperature Controller Calibration

Including Temperature Sensor Calibration for Complete Verification

Temperature Controller CalibrationTemperature controller calibration and temperature sensor calibration will confirm that your equipment is operating accurately and consistently over time. Since a temperature controller is required to maintain a device at a constant temperature or control temperature in equipment that requires minimal operator involvement, it must provide reliable performance. Temperature sensor calibration is just as important for ensuring optimal temperature control and continued performance, since the sensor is the part of the system that is exposed to periods of extreme temperatures and frequent thermal cycling.

Calibration is Our Specialty

LTI Metrology, near Philadelphia, PA, can perform temperature controller calibration and temperature sensor calibration to verify that the components of your system work properly and reliably. Our field technicians can provide all the services you need:

  • Controllers can be verified to the accuracy stated by manufacturer’s specifications or customer requirements.
  • Technicians are qualified to make any adjustments necessary to bring these instruments into acceptable accuracies.
  • Temperature controllers and sensors for any application can be calibrated, including ovens and furnaces, stress rupture machines, injection molding equipment, etc.

We want to make it convenient for you:

  • Calibration is performed on site
  • We can purchase and replace temperature controllers, if necessary
  • Your Calibration Certificate will explain our process and results in detail

LTI Metrology Capabilities

  • Types of temperature controllers calibrated
    • On-off, proportional and PID
    • Digital, analog and chart recording models
  • Temperature sensor calibration
  • Temperature calibration provided for additional instruments
    • Recorders, regulators, readouts, baths
  • NIST traceability
  • A2LA accreditation to ANSI/ISO/IEC 17025

The Temperature Controller Calibration Process

A precision temperature controller uses a current or voltage source to drive power through actuators based on input from a temperature sensor such as a thermocouple or RTD. The controller compares the actual temperature to the desired control temperature, or setpoint, and provides output to a connected control element such as a heater or fan to maintain the desired temperature. When performing temperature controller calibration, LTI technicians will verify the controllers by simulating a millivolt signal with the correct cold junction compensation, including any thermocouple such as K, T, J and others for their entire range of functionality.