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Lines Local Numbers Toll-Free Numbers
Main Phone 215-997-9080 800-219-9095
Main Fax 215-997-9511 800-219-9096
Calibration Fax 215-997-9146
NDT Fax 215-997-8294
Destructive Testing Fax 215-997-9426


Title/Position Name Direct Dial Ext
President Mike McVaugh 215-716-7395 174
Mechanical Test/Machining Mgr. Glenn Derstine 215-716-7161 118
Mechanical Test/Maching Asst. Mgr. Brandon McVaugh 215-716-7394 124
Mechanical Supervisor (1st Shift) Frank Adornetto 215-716-7160 117
Mechanical Supervisor (2nd Shift) Steve Bowers 215-716-7162 129
Machine Shop Sup. (1st Shift) Andy Giordano 215-716-7163 161
Machine Shop Sup. (2nd Shift) Tim Pettine 215-716-7152 148
Chemistry/Metallography Mgr. Lee Dilks 215-716-7152 183
Chemistry Supervisor (1st Shift) Marion Crooks 114
Chemistry Supervisor (2nd Shirft) Shirley Aravich 215-716-7153 184
Metallography Supervisor Brad Bergman 215-716-7399 181
Nondestructive Test Manager Rich Goodman 215-716-7405 132
Ultrasonic Testing Sup. (1st Shift) Mike Martin 215-716-7407 178
Ultrasonic Testing Sup. (2nd Shift) Bill King 215-716-7407 178
Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Level III Phil Trach 215-716-7404 166
Liquid Penetrant (LP) Sup. Don Meyers 215-716-7402 103
Magnetic Particle (MP) Sup. Rick Stuart 215-716-7406 131
LP/MP Sup. (2nd Shift) Bob McDonough 215-716-7406 131
X-ray Supervisor Jason Tucker 215-716-7403 133
Hydro Supervisor Zach Byers 215-716-7408 189
Metrology Manager Eva Pellow 215-716-7149 121
Metrology Supervisor Ed Phillips 215-716-7148 193
Subcontract Coordinator Cindi McGinnis 215-716-7147 126
Field Supervisor Mike Hiller 215-716-7150 192
Q.A. Manager Frank Peszka 215-716-7410 105
Q.A. Supervisor Cindy Heckler 215-716-7409 101
Q.A. Specialist Sherri Scheifele 215-716-7411 106
Sales Manager Rick Heist 215-716-7457 108
Technical Sales Specialist Mark Tierney 215-716-7156 125
Customer Service Rep Kathy Dickert 215-716-7155 109
Customer Service Rep Tom Phillips 215-716-7158 120
Customer Service Rep Dave Keller 215-716-7154 110
Customer Service Rep Jason Starr 170
Marketing Manager Sharon Bentzley 215-716-7398 112
Finance Manager Joan McVaugh 215-716-7144 173
HR/Facilities Manager Tim Snyder 215-716-7393 123
Shipping/Receiving Supervisor Joe Brown 215-716-7412 130
IT Manager Mike Sagel 215-716-7140 164

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