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Laboratory Testing provides the government and other clients in the defense sector with all the NADCAP accredited testing (nondestructive and materials testing) required to support research on new technology, product manufacturing and failure analysis. Our engineers, chemists and technicians are available for consultation and to help uncover solutions to your unique requirements.

A DCMA QAR (Defense Contract Management Agency quality assurance representative) is onsite for government source inspection. We also carry approvals from many leading manufacturers.

ICP Mass Spectrometry AnalysisFor the protection of our country and our troops, product safety and accuracy are imperative to the military and defense industries. LTI’s materials testing and nondestructive testing services are performed according to stringent industry procedures to determine the following:

  • Material Composition
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Defects and Inconsistencies
  • Corrosion Susceptibility
  • Cause of Failure in metal parts

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Nadcap Accredited Testing

Nadcap accreditationOur Nadcap accredited testing, including chemistry, corrosion, mechanical, metallurgical and nondestructive testing services, are conveniently provided by our one-stop facility for metals and alloys. Laboratory Testing Inc. also analyzes powdered metals, ferroy alloys, ores, composites, ceramics and polymers. You’ll receive a Certified Test Report with each order that includes all pertinent information and results pertaining to the services ordered.

Chemical Analysis

  • corrosion-testing-astmSpectroscopy (ICP-AES, ICP-MS, AES)
  • Carbon / Sulfur / Nitrogen / Oxygen / Hydrogen Determination
  • Wet Chemistry

Corrosion Testing

  • Salt Spray / Salt Fog
  • Humidity Testing
  • Passivation Testing
  • Temperature Testing
  • ASTM A262 Practice A, B, C, D, E
  • ASTM G28 Methods A & B
  • ASTM G48 Methods A & B
  • fatigue testing and analysisASTM A923 Method C

Mechanical Testing

Fracture Mechanics

  • Vickers micro hardness testFracture Toughness Testing
  • Fatigue Crack Growth Testing

Metallurgical Analysis

  • Microstructure
  • Carburization / Decarburization
  • Grain Size (ASTM E-112)
  • Inclusion Rating (ASTM E-45)
  • Plating Thickness
  • Carbide Precipitation
  • Ferrite by Point Count (ASTM E-562)
  • Intergranular Attack / Oxidation
  • Ultrasonic inspectionAlpha Case
  • Intergranular Corrosion (ASTM A-262)
  • Sensitization
  • Surface Contamination
  • Nodularity / Nodule Count
  • Eutectic Melting
  • Macro-etch (ASTM E-340)
  • Grain Flow
  • Surface Condition
  • Surface Finish
  • Case Depth
  • Microhardness (Knoop & Vickers)
  • Carburization / Decarburization
  • Weld Qualification

Nondestructive Testing

Our NDT technicians are certified to meet your industry requirements to ASNT SNT-TC-1A, NAS410, MIL-STD-2132 and Pratt & Whitney PWA-NDTQ.

  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection
  • X-ray Inspection (Radiography)

Failure Analysis

Dimensional Inspection

Additional Services for “One-Stop” Convenience

We do our best to make every experience with LTI hassle-free. In addition to providing a wide-range of materials testing services, our one-stop laboratory also offers:

  • Test Specimen Preparation
  • Root-cause Failure Analysis
  • Calibration Services for all your needs (measuring tools, gauges, masters, torque wrenches, surface plates, on-site equipment and more)

You can count on quick, reliable service. Just leave the coordination to us.

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Quality & Convenience

  • A2LA and NADCAP accreditations
  • ISO 17025 certification
  • Same day, next-day, 2nd-day Rush Services
  • Secure Portal to track orders and get certifications
  • Fast Certified Reports sent by email

Customer Testimonials

“I wanted to say thank you to the LTI Team for all the support they have provided in our source inspections, as well as on expedited projects. It is nice to work with a group that not only has technical knowledge, but cares about getting the job done right the first time. I know I can count on the LTI team to help me in many situations. N.G.K. Metals looks forward to many more years of working with you.”

David Britt,
N.G.K. Metals Corp.


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