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“The Parker Steel management team is very impressed and satisfied with both the service and the professionalism of Laboratory Testing Inc. You were able to provide prompt, knowledgeable service that allowed us to get through a difficult situation and ship a very important order. Thanks for all your help and we will be in touch for future testing opportunities.”

Todd Meyer,
Quality & Operations Mgr.


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LTI Radiographic Inspection Article in Quality Magazine

JasonTuckerAn LTI article entitled “Inspecting Plastics and Electronics with Conventional X-ray”  was published in the June 2016 issue of Quality Magazine. The article by Jason Tucker, X-ray Supervisor at Laboratory Testing Inc., explains that industrial radiography is no longer primarily a metal inspection process. There is a growing demand for Radiographic or X-ray Inspection from manufacturers and buyers who have “new” materials and products to inspect for information about flaws and features below the surface.

pcb board_crThe article discusses the value of using Radiographic Inspection to look for irregularities in plastic, silicone and rubber products, as well as in electronic components. Jason also mentions unique uses for this inspection method, including inspecting paintings in search of hidden documents or to study underpainting layers for museum curators and archivists, as well as analyzing damaged components during fire investigations to determine the cause of the fire.

Reliable Product Verification

Radiographic Inspection is a Nondestructive Testing method which provides valuable information and quality assurance without compromising the integrity of the test piece. Manufacturers and buyers in the medical, aerospace, defense and many other industries rely on X-ray Inspection for verification. Manufacturers can gain information about the reliability of their production processes through inspection of completed parts. Radiography is also a trusted method of ensuring buyers that the products they are purchasing meet relevant specifications and industry standards.

In his article, Jason further explains two types of industrial radiography that are available, Computed Radiography (CR) with digital results and Conventional Radiography (XR) using film. Images can be adjusted to increase contrast, control exposure, and zoom into areas of greater interest when using computed radiography. Extremely fine grain industrial film which produces a detailed high-quality image is used for conventional radiography. Both methods are offered by the X-ray Inspection Department at Laboratory Testing Inc. and have been used to inspect a range of samples made of metals, polymers and more.injection moldings_cr

X-Ray Inspection Options from LTI

Products and raw materials of varying shapes and sizes are inspected at LTI, including tubing, pipe, castings, weld plates, injection molding, circuit boards and batteries. Industrial radiography is performed to MIL and ASTM specifications, and certified NDT Level II and Level III technicians evaluate the digital and film images. The results of the inspection are provided to clients in Certified Test Reports. Other types of nondestructive testing services offered at LTI include ultrasonic, hydrostatic pressure and liquid penetrant testing, as well as magnetic particle and visual inspection.

Tell us more about your products and your testing needs. Radiographic Inspection may be a solution for you.