Torque Calibration

Torque Sensor, Tensiometer, Torque Wrench Calibration and More

Companies that work with torque instruments find that routine Torque Calibration supports the quality of their operations by maintaining traceability and reliable measurement.

LTI Metrology issues a Calibration Certificate for each item calibrated with all details of the torque calibration performed, including,

  • Information on NIST traceability
  • A2LA accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025
  • “As Received” and “As Left” data showing adjustments during calibration
  • Comprehensive calibration results

Torque Calibration can be performed at LTI Metrology with loads up to 2,000 Ft. Lbs. LTI can preset any torque device.

Our capabilities include calibration and verification of many instruments, including those below within the ranges listed:

LTI Metrology Capabilities

  • Torque calibrationCable Tensiometer Calibration
    • From 0 to 2000 LBF
  • Detroit Pull Tester
  • Torque Sensor Calibration (Calibrator)
    • 2400, 3600, 7200 IN-LBF
    • 200, 300, 600, 1000, 2000 FT-LBF
  • Torque Multiplier
    • 3600, 7200 IN-LBF
    • 300, 600, 1000, 2000 FT-LBF
    • 6500 FT LBS
  • Torque Screwdriver
    • Clockwise & Counter Clockwise
    • 2400 IN-LBF
    • 200 FT-LBF
  • Torque Transducer Calibration
    • 2400, 3600, 7200 IN-LBF
    • 200, 300, 600, 1000, 2000 FT-LBF
  • Torque Watch
    • 2400 IN-LBF
  • Torque Wrench Calibration
    • Clockwise & Counter Clockwise
    • 2400, 3600, 7200 IN-LBF
    • 200, 300, 600, 1000, 1800 FT-LBF

The Torque Calibration Processes

“As Received” data is logged for all instruments based on predetermined test points. Torque Calibration requirements are generated from a number of resources including manufactures, ANSI/ASME, Federal Specifications as well as customer requirements.

Torque wrench calibration, screwdriver (preset) and torque sensor calibration makes use of a torque system with the option to select the appropriate transducer for the range of the instrument from among multiple choices. Torque multipliers are also calibrated with transducers, but require the use of two. One transducer measures the generated torque input while the other measures the torque output.

Cable tensiometer calibration is carried out using a known cable diameter along with a fixed amount of deadweight attached to the cable. The cable tensiometer is affixed to the cable with the suspended weight to verify that the instrument is reading correctly. This test is repeated with an assortment of cables and loads appropriate for the instrument being calibrated.

Torque testers, torque watches and transducers are calibrated with torque wheels, arms and weights. This process is based on a calculation between a known length and weight to determine the torque generated.

Any adjustments made during calibration are recorded as “As Left” data.  Both are reported on the Calibration Certificate, along with the calibration results.

Additional Services From Your Lab

The calibration department at Laboratory Testing Inc., known as LTI Metrology, is located in Hatfield, PA (USA) in the Philadelphia area. Expedited calibration service is available for many instruments, if the need arises for faster turnaround than our standard delivery. Review our list of Calibration Services & Instruments Calibrated under Resources to see the wide-range of services offered by our full-service laboratory, in addition to torque calibrations.

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“On behalf of Plymouth Tube I would like to thank you for your hospitality. Your diligence and team work helped us to stay on schedule and provide a product back to our customer with minimal impact. We at Plymouth Tube pride ourselves on customer service to our customers. Without your customer service to us we would not have been able to uphold our level of service. We appreciate your partnership with us and look forward to continuing our business relationship with LTI in the future. Kudos to your team.”

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