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Ensure Your Materials Perform as Expected

Materials testing labMaterials Testing is a highly precise and reliable set of processes that measure material characteristics, such as properties, structure and composition, against specified criteria. The data and test results determine whether materials, fasteners and treatments meet the requirements of design engineers and regulatory agencies, and are suitable for their intended application.

At Laboratory Testing Inc., material testing and inspection includes our destructive testing methods – mechanical, chemical, metallurgical and fracture mechanics testing. Although Metal and Alloy Testing is our specialty, Laboratory Testing Inc. also offers some material testing services for polymers and ceramics.

Test specimens and samples are prepared here at LTI.

Accredited Materials Testing Lab

LTI is a leading independent material testing lab in the USA. We are equipped and accredited to perform testing and analysis for a wide-range of applications and industries. Even extremely large and small samples can be tested or analyzed using the latest technology.

All About Quality

Let LTI provide answers to your material questions with Destructive Testing Services that meet your quality needs:

  • Accredited by A2LA and PRI Nadcap
  • ISO/IEC 17025 certified
  • Quality system complies with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485
  • Testing procedures conform to ASTM, ASME, ANSI, AMS and MIL standards and specifications
  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) approved by Lloyd’s register

Full-service Convenience

Elevated temperature tensile testLaboratory Testing Inc. is the full-service material testing lab you can rely on for your information, answers and certified test reports. Our list of services includes:

  • Chemical analysis
  • Mechanical testing
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Metallurgical testing
  • Corrosion testing
  • RoHS testing
  • Heat treatment of specimens and welds for capability testing and analysis

Material testing typically involves destructive test methods, but LTI also performs many types of NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING to provide information and answers when materials and products cannot be damaged.

Count on Fast Turnaround

There’s no need to ship your material to various laboratories – sample preparation, specimen machining and all material testing services are completed at our single location. LTI’s team of engineers, chemists, technicians and support staff work to ensure customer convenience and processing efficiency to minimize turnaround time.

You can easily track the progress of your orders, and if you need Expedited Service, Same-Day, Next-Day and 2nd-Day turnaround are available. Read more…

Test Results with the Information You Need

Material testing or destructive testing is often required to ensure that products and their component parts can perform for their intended use and endure for their expected life. As your materials testing laboratory, LTI can help you with selecting and verifying materials, trouble-shooting production problems, investigating product failures and meeting customer or industry requirements for material certification.

Metallurgical AnalysisMaterial testing services provide valuable insight and answers about:

  • Material composition and identification; trace element analysis
  • Mechanical properties
  • Microscopic product features
  • Flaws and discontinuities
  • Vulnerability to corrosion

Helping to make our customers’ jobs easier is of utmost importance to Laboratory Testing Inc. One way we do this is to provide easy access to information. If you can’t find what you need on our website, our sales reps and technical experts are available to answer questions about testing methods and requirements.

Services Performed in our Materials Testing Laboratory

Chemical Analysis

Chemical analysis services include qualitative and quantitative analyses performed by instrumental and classical wet chemistry methods to determine material composition and elemental content, including trace elements. LTI performs chemical analysis of metals, plastics, powdered metals, ores, ferroalloys, composites and ceramics. LTI’s analytical chemistry services also include moisture analysis and RoHS Testing.

Corrosion Testing

A variety of corrosion testing is performed at LTI to help customers select materials, treatments and manufacturing processes and determine the impact of environmental conditions on their products. Corrosion testing is performed in accordance with ASTM practices.

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical testing measures the strength and ductility of materials under various conditions, such as temperature, tension, compression and load. LTI performs the testing and can prepare test specimens for all types of mechanical testing including proof load, stress rupture, charpy impact, yield, bend, hardness, and much more.

Fracture Mechanics

Fatigue Crack Growth Testing and Fracture Toughness Testing to ASTM standards are the specialties of the Fracture Mechanics Lab at LTI. Specimen machining is performed onsite in LTI’s in-house machine shop.

Metallurgical Testing

Metallurgical testing at LTI includes microhardness testing and microscopic and macroscopic examinations to evaluate surface and internal features, defects and material characteristics. Samples for all metallurgical testing are prepared at our laboratory.

Specimen Heat Treating to verify material upgrade is also offered using our on-site furnaces to treat your material. Testing is provided to evaluate mechanical properties, microstructure, decarburization and more following treatments.

Ask for a quote or more information on how Lab Testing can handle your testing needs.

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Quality & Convenience

  • A2LA and NADCAP accreditations
  • ISO 17025 certification
  • Same day, next-day, 2nd-day Rush Services
  • Secure Portal to track orders and get certifications
  • Fast Certified Reports sent by email

Customer Testimonials

“I am finally getting around to reading all the information you sent and I just wanted to say thank you. So far the service, quality of the reports and delivery that your team has provided has been nothing short of spectacular! Please let your staff know that it does not go unnoticed! We look forward to more business with you!”

Tina Dutcher
Quality Manager


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