Reliable evaluation of test samples will let you know about surface and internal features, defects, material characteristics and composition. If needed, root cause failure analysis can help you understand the cause and how to prevent future occurrences.


    When you need precision specimens for material testing, LTI has a complete in-house Machine Shop to quickly and economically fill your order. Specimens are machined according to your specifications and ASTM standards using the latest CNC equipment.


    Enjoy the convenience of working with one laboratory for all your calibration requirements. LTI Metrology provides a full line of NIST traceable calibration, on-site service and repairs at competitive prices and with reasonable turnaround.


    Choosing the right material for your product is a priority for any manufacturer. LTI’s analytical testing can tell you about material composition, impurities, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. Our specialties are metal and polymer testing.


    LTI has been providing affordable nondestructive testing since 1984. Raw materials and products in all shapes and sizes are safely handled and accurately inspected by certified NDT technicians.

Material Testing, Non-destructive Testing & Calibration

All Services At One Location

Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI) helps our clients get results and certified reports quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively. “One-Stop” access to our wide-range of services makes the difference:

Chemical Analysis Non-destructive Testing Dimensional Inspection
Metallurgical Testing Failure Analysis Instrument Calibration
Mechanical Testing Specimen Machining On-site Calibration
Corrosion Testing Fastener Testing

Lab Testing, in Hatfield, PA near Philadelphia, is one of the largest independent testing laboratories in the industry and fully capable of handling and testing materials of all shapes, sizes and quantities. The technical experts and support team at LTI constantly strive to live up to our motto, “Exceeding your expectations with quality, service and delivery.” We’ll help you get your job done, meet your requirements and find the answers you need with a full-range of accredited services.

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Metal Testing, Polymer Testing & Material Analysis

Metal TestingMany successful businesses rely on materials testing and non-destructive testing to ensure the safety, reliability and integrity of their products. Whether testing is required for product development, material verification or failure analysis, Laboratory Testing Inc. can provide answers about material characteristics, mechanical properties, microscopic features, surface and subsurface flaws, material composition, positive material identification, corrosion susceptibility and more.

Although LTI’s specialty is metal testing, our mechanical testing and chemical analysis labs also perform polymer testing and we offer analytical services for powdered metals, ores, ferroalloys, composites and ceramics.

Calibration Services at LTI or Your Facility

Electrical CalibrationPrecision measurement is necessary during production or inspection to ensure quality end products. Don’t leave the accuracy of measuring tools and instruments to chance. LTI Metrology, the calibration laboratory at Lab Testing, offers the calibration services and certification you need.

LTI Metrology calibrates standards, tools and instruments used for all types of measurement including dimensional, pressure, force, torque, electrical, temperature, mass and vacuum. On-site calibration services, adjustments, repairs and new instruments are also available.