Ultrasonic Testing

Locating Defects and Measuring Wall Thickness

Immersion ultrasonic testingUltrasonic testing, also known as UT testing or ultrasonic non destructive testing, is used to locate internal and external product defects and measure wall thickness discontinuities in metal tubing, pipe, bar stock and other materials without causing damage during inspection.

The contact and immersion ultrasonic testing methods performed by Laboratory Testing Inc. near Philadelphia, PA (USA) provide the ability to inspect products and materials in a range of shapes and sizes.

Ultrasonic Test Systems

  • Immersion UT (high speed) – Five immersion ultrasonic testing systems
    • Inspect tubing, pipe and round bar stock
    • Sizes from 0.125 in. (1/8 in.) to 6.625 in. (6 5/8 in). diameter and 70 ft. in length.
  • Contact UT – Contact UT testing equipment
    • Inspects materials that fall outside the size limitations of our immersion systems

Computerized UT testing systemsMeeting Your Requirements

  • Nadcap accredited
  • NDT Level 2 & 3 inspectors
  • NDT MIL-STD-2132 Examiner
  • Pratt & Whitney SIM Level 3
  • On-site DCMA quality assurance rep
  • Ultrasonic testing to MIL, ASTM and ASME specifications
  • Certified technicians to ASNT SNT-TC-1A, NAS410, MIL-STD-2132 and Pratt & Whitney PWA-NDTQ

Providing Fast Turnaround and More

Lab Testing has five immersion ultrasonic testing systems available to run on two work shifts for high-speed UT testing of round stock.

  • All immersion equipment is computerized for paperless chart recording and file retention.
  • Receipt and final inspection, cutting, trimming and deburring, material identification, and special packaging and shipping are available.

Our lab maintains an in-house collection of over 1,800 tube, pipe, bar and plate UT reference standards for fast processing of orders. For convenience, other standards can be manufactured in our own Machine Shop or provided by our qualified local vendor.

Test Methods/Specifications

  • ASME B16.34, Annex E
  • AMS-STD-2154
  • ASME B16.34, Annex E
  • ASTM A388
  • ASTM A435
  • ASTM A577
  • ASTM A578
  • ASTM E213
  • MIL-C-15726F
  • MIL-STD-271
  • MIL-STD-2132
  • P&W SIM-4
  • P&W SIM-14
  • P&W SIM-314
  • QQ-N-281D
  • QQ-N-286F/G
  • T9074-AS-GIB-010/271

The Ultrasonic Testing Process

During the ultrasonic test, an ultrasound probe connected to the test equipment transmits short pulses of high-frequency sound waves into the item being inspected while passing over its surface. A defect or inconsistency will cause some of the energy to be reflected. Sound pulses are displayed on a screen when reflected from features within the test material. The technician interprets these reflected signals to determine if the product or material is defective or acceptable according to the test specification or requirements.

Immersion ultrasonic testing takes place in a liquid which conducts the sound waves between the probe and test material. The process is partially automated and eliminates the need for direct contact with the test material during inspection. An ultrasonic probe emitting sound waves is manually run over the surface of the test piece during contact ultrasonic testing. When it can be used, the immersion method is preferred because it can be faster and more accurate.

Watch the process in the Immersion Ultrasonic Testing Video below.

LTI Capabilities

  • UT Testing Systems – immersion and contact
  • Reference Standards – over 1800 standards, plus inhouse manufacturing capabilities and a local qualified vendor
  • Added Services, available upon request
    • Receipt and final inspection
    • Cutting, trimming and deburring
    • Packaging / Shipping in accordance with ANSI N45.2.2 and customer specifications
    • Material identification – line marking, stenciling, electrochemical etching
  • NDT MIL-STD-2132 Examiner and P&W SIM Level 3
  • Government Source Inspection

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Ultrasonic Testing is Reliable for Defects and Measurement

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