Failure Analysis

Root Cause Failure Analysis Tells You What Went Wrong

Failure analysis with SEM/EDSA failure analysis investigation performed at Laboratory Testing Inc. helps explain the reason a METAL product fails to perform as expected or deteriorates to a point where it is no longer safe to use. Our metallurgical failure analysis engineers offer the following expertise:

  • Root cause failure analysis for Metal products
    • Helps you understand the reason behind material failure or product failure
    • Provides insight into preventing a similar failure in the future
  • Support when an expert witness is needed

Failure Analysis Process

LTI’s failure analysis lab near Philadelphia, PA (USA) begins each investigation with a background review of the material or part that failed. Whenever possible, customers provide us with all pertinent information, including:

  • Composition and fabrication of the failed item
  • Circumstances leading to the failure
  • Details of the failure event by completing our Failure Analysis Questionnaire

Based on the type of product and its history, LTI engineers will perform a root cause failure analysis using the necessary testing and inspections to identify the cause of failure. A metallurgical failure analysis may include any of the wide-range of mechanical testing, metallurgical evaluation, chemical analysis, nondestructive testing or dimensional inspection services performed at our “one-stop” laboratory.

Testing and inspection are performed using top-of-the-line equipment throughout the Lab, including our Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS capabilities. We can get the structural and behavioral results necessary for a thorough investigation and to uncover the probable root cause of the failure, including:

  • Material composition
  • Mechanical properties
  • The existence of flaws or inconsistencies

When the failure analysis is completed, customers receive a comprehensive Failure Analysis Report with all findings from the investigation. This Report may include recommended actions to be taken with similar parts or materials to prevent a recurrence in the future.

Failure Analysis Capabilities

  • Failure Investigation: thorough review of background events leading to failure.
  • Testing & Inspection: appropriate materials testing, nondestructive testing or dimensional inspection performed on the failed part.
  • Analysis of Test Results: materials engineers analyze all testing and inspection results to identify the root cause of the failure.
  • Failure Analysis Report: all findings and recommendations are documented in a comprehensive report. The report will provide the following:
    • Description of the failed component
    • Conditions at the time of failure
    • Background service history
    • Mechanical and metallurgical data about the failed part
    • Evaluation of the material quality
    • Discussion of mechanisms that explain the root cause of the failure
    • Recommendations for prevention of future failures or for action to be taken with similar parts
  • Assistance with Expert Witness needs

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Failure Analysis: Cause & Prevention

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